Accident at work
Accident at work

Every job, no matter how simple, has risks attached to it. Therefore, workers during their working day are prone to suffer injuries or major accidents. There are some areas with higher risk factors such as: construction, electricity, chemical handling, manufacturing, among others. 

Although there are regulations requiring the use of safety equipment, in addition to the precautions that the company must take to minimize the physical, biological, chemical, and ergonomic risks that may arise, every year there are still cases of workplace accidents, some of which have serious consequences for workers and limit them for life, whether due to a fall from a great height or to handling power tools and heavy machinery, among others.

What should you do if you suffer some of these accidents? Find a lawyer. The first thing you should be clear about is that no matter your immigration status, the job you have or whether you have social security, all workers in the United States are covered by the law, which establishes the right you have to choose compensation if you were injured during your workday whether or not you were at fault for the accident.

In the event that the injury is minor, you should immediately notify your employer who will have you fill out the appropriate forms and contact the appropriate medical care to allow for diagnosis and treatment.

If your injury is more serious, your employer must follow the law and offer you immediate medical attention, requesting that you be transferred to a hospital for proper care. 

In both situations, the worker is covered by the Worker’s Compensation Law, which guarantees that, in the event of the need for medical rest, a percentage of your salary must be paid. Specifically, 66% of your average salary, as well as monetary compensation in case of a permanent limitation.

Do you have a problem with your employer for the payment of your compensation? Did you not receive adequate medical care? Did they not pay anything because of your immigration problems? When you see that your rights are being violated, you can hire the lawyer of your choice to advise, represent and defend you in all the benefits specified in the law. 

Defend your rights, do not be intimidated by the power of your employer. Law is on your side. In the end, you may be the one who is harmed because you are out of work and have some limitations that affect your future.